Bondi Harvest Cookbook : Whole Lemon Myrtle Barbecued Fish

I usually buy cookbooks for the visual inspiration. But there are a few very special books that I love to cook from and tonight I cooked from one of my favorites @bondiharvest. Healthy recipes, beautiful coastal lifestyle photos + surf. It's a dreamy book and I love getting lost in its pages. 

Tonight I cooked Whole Lemon Myrtle (I used lemongrass) Barbecued Fish (I used Wreckfish because it was fresh off the boat this am) & Salsa Lettuce Cups. This recipe is super simple, a ton of flavors like coriander, garlic, ginger + mint. It's served with an avocado salsa made with lemon juice, mint + red chili. Served in lettuce cups. The boys in the house loved it. 

You can find more recipes on Bondi Harvest and the cookbook can be purchased here.