A Creative Space to Set Goals & Dreams for 2018
photo | Cynthia Groseclose 

photo | Cynthia Groseclose 

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." ~ C.S. Lewis


We are approaching the end of another year.  It is so hard to believe.  This year feels like it has really flown by. I think I started noticing how quickly time flies when I became a mom.  Children are constant visible reminders of this as they grow. Time truly is a gift and learning to manage it well is a lifelong pursuit for most of us - one that I really appreciate having extra help and guidance in doing.

December has always been a month of reflection for me. I think about the year as a whole and ask myself was it better than the last. Because honestly, that is the only goal I have - just to make each year better than the one before. What areas do I need to work to improve for the coming year and what areas did I make some real progress that I want to continue to build on?  What are my goals for my personal and professional life? And what do I need to do to continue to move myself in the direction of those goals and dreams? Goals and dreams often shift throughout the seasons of life, so taking time to re-think things has always been a practice I have found helpful in guiding me how to best use the time I have been given.

It is said that thoughts become things and when you write those thoughts down on paper, there is something that becomes more real and tangible about them. They are no longer just words floating around in your head.  You have actually given them a permanent space to live with just a piece of paper. And when you have written something on a piece of paper, you have the ability to visibly see it every day. And what you see daily, you focus on. And what you focus can become your reality. Having a planner helps give you some control over your daily thoughts and actions because you have taken the time to map them out and have given yourself a space to come back to when you need to reflect and reset.

Goals and dreams are so individual and personal. It doesn't have to be starting a company that goes public or becoming a millionaire to benefit from planning.  It could be something as simple as wanting to wake up more joyful each morning or finding ways to give more of your time.  Any goal or dream can benefit from having a visual written plan.


Every year I look for a creative place to store my thoughts, goals and dreams for the coming year. I have found I am always more inspired with things when there is something creative involved. My friend Sara told me about the Make **it Happen Planner earlier this year.  It is the creation of two young female entrepreneurs and the printing is funded by Kickstarter. The planner is well made, comes in several colors (including gold foil options) and is a great size for carrying with you when you want to have a place to jot down those spur of the moment thoughts and ideas. 


The Make **it Happen planner is a creative space to spend time in December working on your vision and goals for 2018 and then every month provides a space to break down your action plan to work towards your overall yearly goals, as well as monthly, weekly and daily goals. And while I love structure and organization, there is also something really great about spontaneity. The Make **it Happen planner has a space for curiosity and creativity, so you can brainstorm ideas too and allow them to naturally flow.

Make **it Happen Planners are $39 and you can find them here www.merakiprinting.com