Life Lessons on a Saturday Morning


This morning I was doing some strength training before breakfast and Christian saw I was struggling a little and started encouraging me “Come on mama, you can do it!”. Just knowing he was standing there watching me planking with weights when I was fighting wanting to hold my breath just trying to keep at it made me not want to quit. I don’t want him to think I’m a quitter. No way. 

The truth is if I could have a dollar for all of the times I have thrown in the towel on something or wanted to throw in the towel on something because things weren’t going smoothly or didn’t feel easy, I would probably be a very wealthy girl at this point. I’ve experienced this personally and professionally with many things in my life. I think we probably all have. 

But I also think there is something to be said for discernment. Sometimes it’s worth pushing and sometimes the push is actually working against the natural shifts that we are being led to move towards. It’s often hard to know the difference between an obstacle meant to be pushed through and one meant to change our direction. And while listening is good, really hearing is a lifetime practice.

Not just seeing the life lessons this am, but listening and working on actually hearing them too...